Overdraft Protection

Overdraft Protection

As a business, you know that sticking customers with excessive fees is a terrible practice. But for some reason, that's what most banks do. First Hope is decidedly different.

We offer two forms of overdraft protection on your business account. Both prevent costly return check fees and embarrassment while ensuring your payments go through. The low cost only initiates upon use, but the peace of mind is always there.

  • Avoid costly return payment fees
  • Prevent embarrassment of denied charges
  • Avoid lost business
  • Ensure payments go through
  • Protection is automatic
  • Low cost for complete protection
Loan Option

Hope Business Advantage

The Hope Business Advantage is a variable rate overdraft line of credit that is attached to your business checking account. It will activate, in increments of $100, only when the balance of the account goes below zero. The low-interest loan is available up to $15,000. It can be attached to any First Hope Bank business checking account. Payments are automatically deducted from your account once a month, or you can choose to pay in full.

Savings Option

Automatic Transfer

Should your account become overdrawn, the funds can be automatically transferred from another First Hope account, such as a checking or a savings account, in increments of $100. The fee for this service is $7 per transfer. Automatic transfer can be added to your account by visiting any of our offices, or by providing a request in writing.