Featured Business

Smith's Kickboxing Academy

August 25, 2014, Sparta, NJ — This week, our Sparta office spotlights Smith's Kickboxing Academy, located at 14 White Deer Plaza in Sparta, New Jersey.

Kickboxing can change your life from the outside in. As you see your muscles build, you will feel your confidence grow. As your body grows lean, your inner strength will emerge. The strikes, quick movements and graceful balancing achieved in kickboxing classes will empower you to move through life with agility that comes from your center while giving you the sleek appearance of a warrior.

Let Smith's Kickboxing show you how their programs can:

  • Improve confidence levels in you or your child
  • Strengthen your body and mind
  • Show you a healthy way to deal with stress and pressure

Students at Smith's Kickboxing Academy range from 7 to 45 years of age. Some of the most responsible students are those in their thirties and forties who have tried different workouts and find this program the most rewarding. On the roster are parents with full time jobs who make the kickboxing routine a priority in their lives. Smith's Kickboxing Academy is a great way to jump-start the morning and a terrific stress reliever after a hard day. The facility contains a 13 by 13 foot boxing ring for training, as well as many other pieces of equipment, including heavy bags, speed bags, and timing balls, that are used in class workouts.

Now offering monthly self defense seminars! The next seminar is on Saturday, March 29 from 2:00 to 3:00 pm. Call (973) 945-0137 to register. Limited space is available.

Check out the available classes at Smith's Kickboxing Academy and sign up for a free introductory class today! Give them a call at (973) 945-0137, send email to smithskb@gmail.com, or stop by their website at www.smithskickboxing.com.

Planet Logic

August 18, 2014, Andover, NJ — The featured business in our Andover office this week is Planet Logic in Newton.

Planet Logic specializes in custom healthcare hosting solutions, dedicated and shared clouds, co-location, and managed data center services.

Planet Logic was founded in 1997 as a programming/development and data center provider, primarily serving the northern New Jersey and New York markets. By combining reliable services with excellent customer service and support, Planet Logic grew to provide service across most of the US by 2004. Since expanding into healthcare electronic medical record application hosting in 2009, Planet Logic has become one of the leading medical application hosting providers in the US.

Since November 2011, Planet Logic has focused on and developed several private cloud solutions for electronic medical record, electronic health record, and practice management software companies. Several of the cloud clients are EMR/HER/PM software companies that have white label hosted clouds with several thousand monthly subscription-based user accounts. The health care cloud sector continues to grow as a service offering, as do private cloud solutions for any type of business.

Planet Logic has two data center partners – Net Access Corporation, with two data center facilities for east coast operations in New Jersey, and ViaWest, with two data center facilities in Nevada for west coast operations.

Solutions provided by Planet Logic include:

  • Turnkey private clouds with hardware and software included at a per user price per month
  • HIPAA compliance with physical, biometric, and electronic data security
  • Eliminating costly capital expenditures on servers, software licenses, and maintenance
  • 24/7 monitoring and support by expert technicians
  • Redundant systems, power, connectivity, and cooling
  • Over a decade of critical systems management experience
  • An experienced team with extensive knowledge that reduces cost and implementation time
  • Instant and secure access to client/patient information from anywhere in the world
  • You own and control all of your data
  • Strong 100% uptime Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Healthcare clients can improve medical outcomes and reduce costs by automating clinical and administrative recordkeeping.

For more information on how Planet Logic can help your organization move to the cloud, visit their website at www.planetlogic.net.

Thisilldous Eatery

August 11, 2014, Hope, NJ — This week, our Hope office spotlights Thisilldous Eatery, located at 320 Front Street in Belvidere.

Featuring down-to-earth, friendly staff, a casual atmosphere, and reasonable prices, Thisilldous is the ideal place to grab a bite. The eatery’s unique character and ability to balance price and quality afford them the opportunity to make you feel at home and provide good food for all to enjoy.

Thisilldous offers various breakfast, lunch, and dessert items. For breakfast, choose from a selection of egg dishes, waffles, pancakes, and French toast, along with a variety of accompaniments. At lunchtime, enjoy one of their many salads, sandwiches, melts, wraps, and hot meals. They also feature an extensive barbecue catering menu, including their famous Whole Hog Pig Roast!

Stop by for their “First Friday Celebration” on the first Friday of every month. Dinner is served from 5:00 to 9:00 pm, including specials, and you can enjoy live music from 6:00 to 9:00 pm.

Thisilldous Eatery is open Monday through Saturday from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm and Sunday from 7:00 am to 1:00 pm. Give them a call at (908) 475-2274 or email them at mike@thisilldous.com. To view their menu, get directions, or read more, visit their website at www.thisilldous.com.