Financial Literacy Programs

Financial Literacy Programs

Understanding personal finance and having the discipline to save for the future are key factors toward achieving personal life goals. Building knowledge about personal finance, or financial literacy, enables people of all ages to manage their financial lives with confidence.

First Hope Bank is committed to enhancing the lives of local students by providing financial literacy programs to children, teens and young adults.

Financial Wellness Program

Expand Your Financial Knowledge Today!

At First Hope Bank, we are committed to helping you pave a path toward a secure financial future. And that begins with a solid understanding of key financial concepts, such as savings, investing, mortgages, overdraft, credit cards, credit scores, financing higher education, and much more.

As a First Hope customer, you have access to an online money management program that explains these critical concepts in a series of 10-minute, interactive segments. There are even helpful quizzes to demonstrate your newly acquired knowledge!

After completing the program, you'll have learned about mortgages, overdraft fees, credit scores and reports, payment types and credit cards, insurances and taxes, identity protection, and much more!

Access this free, online educational tool in the comfort of your own home!

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MoneyIsland is a fun filled online world where kids learn to become "financial gurus". Parents and teachers gain peace of mind by providing their kids with the tools they need to live a financially healthy life. Kids can even earn real-life rewards as they go on fantastic quests to places like Atlantis or the Eiffel Tower.

On the surface they're having fun, but more importantly, they are learning valuable financial skills that will last a lifetime!

  • Geared towards kids ages 8-14
  • Free, multi-level online game
  • Teaches valuable financial skills
  • Real-life rewards built into game
  • Teachers can track progress and assist in learning
  • Lesson plans/activities provided to teachers
  • Physical passport and stickers enhance experience
  • Lessons aligned with national standards of Jump$tart Coalition for Financial Literacy

The brass|STUDENT PROGRAM is a partnership between First Hope Bank and brass|MEDIA Inc. that allows us to provide local high school teachers with resources to teach young adults about personal finance. Teachers will receive access to videos, magazines, lesson plans and more that teach high school students about the money side of life in order to help them make good financial decisions down the road.

Resources are delivered to local schools four times per year. These include:

  • brass|MAGAZINE: Written for young adults, by young adults, brass breaks down complex topics like the stock market, credit, saving and budgeting. brass also covers college and careers.
  • Videos: Relevant, three- to five-minute segments that expand on brass articles, available on a DVD.
  • The brass|CHEAT SHEET: Colorful, in-depth, subject-based pamphlets with a new subject each quarter.

In addition, local teachers have access to online educational materials at, such as:

  • Lesson Plans: Downloadable, project-based plans tailored to Common Core and state academic standards.
  • PLUS: Activities, article discussion questions, issue vocabulary lists, and video trivia.