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To apply online for a Commercial Loan up to $100,000 at First Hope Bank, your business must be located within the State of New Jersey or the Pennsylvania counties of Berks, Bucks, Carbon, Lehigh, Monroe, Montgomery, Northampton, Pike and Schuylkill.

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Collateral to be pledged:
At a minimum, loans will be secured by All Business Assets unless other specific assets acceptable to the Bank are pledged.
Existing liens on business assets?
If real estate is used for collateral, please complete:
Existing mortgage(s)

Borrower's Business Information

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(Individuals with greater than or equal to 20% ownership are required to guaranty & submit financial information)

U.S. Citizen? Guarantor 1*
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Rent or Own? Guarantor
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Business Financial Information:

Deposits (Checking/Savings/Money Market/CDs):

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Loans (Term/Line of Credit/Mortgage/Trade Credit/Bank Card/Other):

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Is the Business and/or owner(s) in the process of a sale or change of ownership? *
Is the Business and/or owner(s) involved in any pending litigation or subject to outstanding judgments? *
Is the Business and/or owner(s) contingently liable as a guarantor on any other obligations? *
Are any of the Business and/or owner(s) tax returns being contested or audited? *
Has the Business and/or owner(s) ever declared bankruptcy? *
Does the Business and/or owner(s) have any international subsidiaries/affiliates, customers or suppliers? *
Is the Business and/or owner(s) involved with any type of gambling activity? *
Is the Business and/or owner(s) delinquent on any debt including loans, payables, or taxes? *
Is this an Internet based business? *
Does the Business and/or owner(s) provide or have on their premises any of the following Money services? (Please check all that apply and indicate issue under Explanation)

Applicant Notices

USA Patriot Act
Right to Request Specific Reasons for Credit Denial Given at the Time of Application
Equal Credit Opportunity Act
Notice of Right to Copy of an Appraisal
Applicant Acknowledgement, Certification and Authorization
As an authorized agent for the Applicant, I/we confirm that I/we have read fully and understand this Application and its Notices, Acknowledgements, Certifications and Authorization and concur with all.

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