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Borrow what you need, when you need it.

Take advantage of competitive rates for expenses such as tuition, medical bills, and home improvements. Knowing your credit line is available gives you peace of mind and lets you kiss the need to have high-interest credit cards goodbye. You don't have to look very far to find competitive rates — you can find it in your home, with a home equity line of credit!


  • Only pay interest on what you use — if you use it*
  • Immediate access to funds when needed
  • Alternative to high-interest credit cards
  • Credit line based on home's equity, opposed to a lump-sum loan
  • Local decision-making and personal service, every step of the way
  • Interest may be tax deductible, consult with a tax adviser

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When You Apply

Certain applications might require additional information, which will be requested upon receipt and review of your application.  Please refer to the required document checklist below. If you would like to print the list below, please click here.

General Information
Asset Documentation Copies of bank, retirement, and/or brokerage account statements showing six (6) month’s reserves (for 1st liens) or nine (9) month's (for 2nd liens) covering your mortgage payment, real estate taxes, and homeowner’s insurance. Please include all pages, even if blank.
Home Owner’s Association Dues Evidence of annual dues, if applicable
Home Owner’s Insurance Copy of your declarations page with evidence of annual premium
Mortgage Statement Copy of your most recent statement from your 1st lien holder, if applicable
Real Estate Taxes
Copy of your most recent tax bill
Second/Vacation Home Copy of real estate tax bill, home owner’s insurance, home owner’s association dues, and mortgage statement from 1st lien holder, if applicable

Income Information
  • 2 most recent year’s W-2s
  • Pay stubs covering most recent 30-day period
When you have a 25%or more ownership interest in a business.
  • 2 most recent year’s W-2s
  • Pay stubs covering most recent 30-day period
  • 2 year’s signed/dated Personal Federal Tax Returns with all Schedules and Statements
  • Schedule C Businesses
    • Self-Prepared Profit and Loss
  • Schedule E Businesses
    • 2 year’s signed/dated Business Federal Tax Returns with all Schedules and Statements
    • Profit and Loss, 3rd party or staff CPA prepared
  • 2 most recent year’s W-2s and pay stubs covering most recent 30-day period or Form1099, whichever is applicable
  • 2 year’s signed/dated Personal Federal Tax Returns with all Schedules and Statements
Rental/Investment Property
  • 2 year’s signed/dated Personal Federal Tax Returns with all Schedules and Statements
  • Most recent mortgage statement from lien holder, if applicable
  • Social Security Awards Letter
  • 401K/IRA/Pension Statement with Form 1099


Annual percentage rate (APR) may vary. Subject to change without notice. Subject to credit approval.  The maximum APR is 16.00%.  The minimum APR is 3.99%.  Property insurance required. Flood insurance may be required. Loan on 1-4 family owner occupied residence. Based on home’s equity, you can borrow up to 70% of its appraised value less any first mortgage balance on the property. Regulation requires a full appraisal on loans over $400,000 which will be at the customer’s expense. Loans $500,000 and above require Title Insurance in the amount of the loan at the customer’s expense. There is a $60 non-refundable application fee due at the time of application. There is a recording fee which varies from state to state and county to county. Inquire to find out the amount of the applicable recording fees for NJ and PA properties. You may re-borrow the money at any time during the 10-year “draw period,” during which time monthly payments are interest only. After the 10-year “draw period,” the loan converts to a 20 year payout. The total length of the plan is 30 years. The minimum advance is $250. If the loan is paid off and closed prior to 30 months of the term, it will be subject to a 1% penalty of the original approved amount, unless the loan is refinanced into a First Hope Bank home equity fixed rate loan or mortgage. Max Home Equity Credit Line amount is $500,000 for first liens and $350,000 for second liens. First Hope Bank, N.A., 201 Route 94, Second Floor, Columbia, NJ 07832. Company NMLS #460885.

Home Equity Fixed Loan vs. Home Equity Line of Credit 

Both of these loans are based primarily on the borrower’s credit history and home equity, but what are the differences?

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