Need funds for renovation
or remodeling?

Borrow what you need, when you need it, with a home equity line of credit.

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Everyone has a wish list.

We've designed the Hopes & Dreams Club to help you realize them, with automatic deposits and competitive interest.

Establish weekly, bi-weekly or monthly transfers in the dollar amount of your choice. Over the course of a year, they build up along with added interest. Then voilà! Your Hopes & Dreams come true.


  • Competitive interest earned on entire balance
  • No monthly service charge
  • Automatic weekly, bi-weekly or monthly transfers
  • You choose the dollar amount

Save for things like:

  • The down payment on a new car
  • A wedding or special event
  • Property tax payment
  • Family vacations
  • New home furnishings
  • Engagement ring
  • College tuition

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Minimum deposit at account opening may apply. Statement fee may apply. Club deposits must be auto-debited from a First Hope Bank checking or savings account. Club runs 52 weeks from time of opening. Ending balance may be withdrawn up to 30 days after maturity. Club will automatically renew if funds are not withdrawn within 30 days. Early withdrawal penalty applies.

Need Some
Extra Money?
It’s on the House.

If you have accrued equity in your home, there are two options in which you can borrow money by leveraging this equity.

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